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    :StayFresh is a state of mind.

    On the way to achieving your goals, life will trip you up in hopes that you fall off your path. Through all of your trials and tribulations, stay ready. Fresh and ready are synonyms. Meaning to those that think superficially, the assumption is that you’re using slang referring to your outer appearance. But to those that understand achieving a goal, a desire, comes from within. You have to stay ready.

    Don’t Rush, Persevere.

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    Completing goals is no easy feat. It becomes even more difficult with all of the naysayers constantly in your ear. You may not even have an example of what you want to become. But you push on regardless. No one can stop your shine. Working in the shadows is one way to accomplish your goals. Just wait until they see you! Having a :FreshnessStateOfMind is another. Always find the positive. Good attracts Good just as Freshness attracts Freshness.

    Winning is Fundamental. All you have to do is Believe. Don’t Rush, Persevere.

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    We know Black Lives Will Always Matter (:BLWAM). We must educate others to create a deeper understanding of the issues faced by our Black community.

    All lives can’t matter without the inclusion of Black Lives.

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    Contrary to :PopularBelief inspiration finds you, you don’t find it. Love is the beacon.

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    Perseverance is the third Cardinal Principals of Omega Psi Phi, Inc. 

    At its core, there is a particular mindset that you have to have in order to fully comprehend the Cardinal Principles. Winning is Fundamental is always at the core. Nothing can stop you from accomplishing any goal that you can conceive and believe. You just have to stay in the fight long enough to figure out how to win. It’s at that exact moment where Perseverance becomes the motivating factor.